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Cruise lines are as diverse as the guests they carry. From mega-ships with 20 restaurants to luxury river barges carrying fewer than 275 guests, from ships docking in sandy Caribbean shores to ice-breakers forging through arctic seas, there really is something for everyone on the water – even the person who’s adamant they’re “not a cruise person.”

Cruise Ships Come in All Shapes and Sizes



Because cruise fares usually include food, accommodations, entertainment and transportation as you move from place to place, your vacation dollars simply go further on the water. Add up the separate costs of those entities off-ship, and you’ll quickly realize the incredible value that comes with cruising.

A Cruise Vacation Offers Great Value

Unpacking and repacking with each new stop on the itinerary is no one’s favorite vacation activity. Cruises offer the luxury of unpacking just once, so you can settle in and spend time focusing on your vacation – not your suitcase.  


See Multiple Destinations, Unpack Only Once

Why cruise?

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Traveling abroad is exciting and often life-changing, but it can also be intimidating; there are often language barriers, cultural customs you may be unfamiliar with or transportation systems that are difficult to navigate. If you’ve been holding back for these reasons or others, a cruise is the ideal way to explore fascinating new regions safely, respectfully and – thanks to my relationships with local expert guides – in meaningful and authentic ways.     

Cruise Vacations Can Be Exotic


Sure, you could spend your time researching destinations, organizing accommodations, booking transportation, deciding on restaurants and choosing the best tours in every given place. Or, you could simply let me know when and where you’re interested in traveling, then sit back and relax while I arrange for the very best stateroom and take care of every last detail. The only major decisions you’ll be making are whether you’d like a glass of the Viognier or Merlot with dinner.

Cruise Vacations Are Easy to Plan — Especially With a
Travel Advisor


Perhaps your ideal vacation involves lounging in the sun with a book in hand, content after hours at the spa and with an art class later in the day to look forward to. Or maybe you’re keen to spend your time learning to rock climb, attending a lecture on rare wildlife species, then joining in on a wine tasting with new friends. Regardless of how you like to fill your days, cruise ships large and small specialize in creating experiences that range from adventurous, mindful, and educational to food-focused, game-based and beyond. You can be as busy – or as decidedly unoccupied – as you like.

Ships Offer a Diverse Variety of Onboard Activities


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find your perfect cruise vacation

With all its advantages, it's no wonder travelers love cruising, and with all the variety cruise lines offer there's a vacation that's right for everyone! From adventuring and family fun, to spa treatments and food and drink experiences, what kind  of getaway is right for you? Read on for a taste of what awaits at sea, and learn which voyage opportunity you'd enjoy most.


When it comes to your time off, you look for getaways that offer something for every member of your family. From younger kids excited about water parks to teenagers eager for some independence – not to mention parents and grandparents who crave both quality time together and time alone – your favorite trips are those with a diverse range of activities for every age bracket. You and your loved ones are always ready for the adventure to begin.

Sounds like your brood is ready to experience the specialty activities programming Oceania, Cunard Line or Royal Caribbean offer guests of all ages.

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Food & Wine

In your group of friends, you’re the one who’s either cooking, making restaurant reservations or introducing everyone to a new bottle of wine. You’ve always believed a local farmers market is the best way to get to know a new place, and that (at least) half the joy of vacationing comes from what’s on your plate and in your cup. But it’s not just the eating that appeals to you – it’s also about learning how your food is made, where it comes from and the cultural significance of a region’s cuisine.

With your appetite for travel, you’d relish the culinary opportunities offered with Viking, Windstar or Silversea.

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You’re looking to return from your journey well-rested, revitalized and more enlightened as to your physical and emotional health. You see a vacation as a time to lean into your fitness routine, not escape from it, and you either already enjoy (or are open to learning about) activities like yoga, meditation and healing therapies. Perhaps your main appreciation is for the spa, and the sublime relaxation that comes from treating yourself to an afternoon of massages, detoxifying body wraps and soothing water treatments.

With rich health and wellness offerings, join Seabourn, Cunard Line or Oceania to experience a vacation for the mind, body, and soul.

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